The President of Brazil Jair Messias Bolsonaro is once again able to bring together thousands of motorcyclists.

This time, the tour was through the city of São Paulo, this activity became popular.
Led by followers of the president and always with the presence of the governor, the event took place on Saturday 12/6.

On one of the last motorcycle rides, the number of participants was almost uncountable, the motorcycles were barely visible to the naked eye.

With the popularity of this event, participants once again demonstrate their support for a possible Bolsonaro’s re-election.

To remembering that President Bolsonaro was elected in 2018 in a second round election, against candidate Haddad(PT).

In the current scenario, the president has a large number of followers.

Is President Bolsonaro once again the option for the popular choice?

We know that the issue of the pandemic, the president was much criticized by large numbers of opponents, the attitudes taken by him, many were not well accepted as; an endorse  the use of chloroquine medication.
Others from the opposition criticizes the delay in the vaccination phase, with only 11% of the population being vaccinated with the second dose.

Today, the Brazilian scenario regarding vaccination is 35.05% of the population.
The number of deaths reaches almost 500 thousand deaths, and the country has 212,792,350 million Brazilians.

The participation of President Bolsonaro in the next presidential elections in 2022 is not yet confirmed, the President is still without a party, but some of the surveys shows that Bolsonaro is the favorite by the voters.

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